Giorgia Santantonio

I obtained my BA from La Sapienza in Rome in Interior Architecture, I then got a diploma in Graphic Design of Advertising from the International School of Comics, and finally a diploma in Photography and Interior Design from Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. My studies have allowed me to bring a richness within my work and life experiences, but also when traveling, working on projects and within my creativity.
It is an evolution that has changed me and those close to me.
This is how Sarah and I met, and how UndiciVenti was born.

I am Giorgia,

Sarah Felberbaum

Born from an American father, and English mother my childhood was full of wonderful adventures around the world. Surrounded by color, music and experience I always cultivated my innate curiosity trying to create a career around what I love. I was first a model, then a presenter, an author and finally an actress. I have worked in both Europe and the United States.
Between one film set and another I met my work partner Giorgia. Together we created UndiciVenti. A mixture of our two worlds: elegance, happiness, quality, and continuous research.

I am Sarah,


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