About UndiciVenti

UndiciVenti is an Italian brand founded in 2018 by Sarah Felberbaum (an Italian actress with brit-roots) and Giorgia Santantonio (an Italian interior designer) dedicated to the creation of premium quality and stylish accessories made by 100% Italian and sustainable cashmere.


Our creations are born and grown in Tuscany, thanks to our continuous research of the main fashion and design trends, together with the know-how of an Italian family company dedicated to cashmere since 1930 – today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the high end creative knitwear yarns – which is our partner in the production process.

The direct line we have with our supplier allows very short delivery timing (about 2 weeks needed for an order), and everything we do aims to guarantee both product excellence and 100% sustainable approach.

UNDICIVENTI philosophy is based on taking care of the environment by producing garments with rigenerated cashmere and techniques with low impact, to preserve the future of the planet. Since we are a quite new brand our distribution has been focused in Italy for the first two years: UNDICIVENTI collections are currently sold in Milan and Rome through show-rooms and luxury stores.

Prodotto in Italia

di lusso


e Tendenza

Basso impatto


Cashmere italiano

Responsible Innovation

Most of our products are made with Re.Verso™, an exclusive, traceable, certified and 100% Made in Italy re-engineered wool fabric based on a fully integrated and selected sourcing system for a contemporary, stylish, innovative and yet responsible fashion product. 100% made in Italy, by prestigious partners, who represent an integrated, transparent and traceable system.

Environmental Performance

  • One
  • Two
Energy -76%
Water -89%
Chemicals -76%
CO2 -96%
SO2 -99%
Dyes -76%

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